The Company

The Grundartangi primary aluminum plant of Nordural was energized in June 1998 with an original capacity of 60,000 metric tons per year (mtpy) and 160 employees. The aluminum facility has grown in phases and reached over 280,000 mtpy in 2012. The number of employees has grown to approximately 600.

Nordural is the largest employer in the western part of Iceland. The company has created stable employment and has played an important role in securing residence in the local municipalities. It is the policy of Nordural that the majority of its employees come from the neighboring communities, resulting in about 80% residing in Akranes, Borgarnes and the other local municipalities.

Nordural is a popular workplace and offers diverse jobs. Among the company’s employees are engineers, technicians, business administrators, psychologists, chemists, physicians, biologists, computer scientists, mechanics, machinists, electricians and welders, in addition to unskilled workers who gain specialization through their work and studies at the
aluminum plant.


Purchasing contacts

Nordural´s Procurement Department provides efficient and responsive procurement services and obtains high quality goods and services at reasonable costs.  These services are provided to the plants many different departments.

Further information on purchasing processes and practices can be found in Nordural’s general procurement terms here


Contact information:

Email: innkaup@nordural.is  procurement@nordural.is

Tel: +354 430 1000


Nordural and the community

Each year Nordural supports dozens of various community projects.

Nordural is for example the main sponsor of the Akranes football club. The sponsorship program includes both men and women in senior category and children and youth program for boys and girls.

We believe that our success is linked to the health and well-being of the communities around our Nordural plants and offices.


The Helguvik project

We are actively pursuing a new greenfield aluminum reduction project near Helguvik, Iceland, approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) from the capital city of Reykjavik. Construction activity is significantly curtailed pending confirmation from power suppliers that they will be able to deliver the required power to the project. 

Construction of the prospective aluminum plant is estimated to require 1,800 man-years over a six- to eight-year period. The smelter is expected to create 300-400 direct jobs and 600-700 indirect jobs in the local area. 
An aluminum plant in Helguvik could create job security and pay considerably higher wages than comparable industries. The tax revenues generated by the plant could enable the municipalities to develop services and improve local living conditions.
We believe Nordural is vital to Iceland's drive to strengthen its economy and utilize hydroelectric and geothermal resources that can be harnessed to provide an environmentally clean source of sustainable electrical energy.



Here you will find Google map with the route from Keflavik international airport to our plant at Grundartangi. Click here.